A family is in urgent need of a home

A project by Public Association "OZIV".

Valentina Dmitrievna Samsonova is 59 years old. She is bringing up 2 young grandsons (13 and 17 years old). Her sole source of income is her pension of 1259 soms a month, (about USD30). She has no living close relatives, and although she had two daughters they are both deceased. Her only sister lives in Russia, but they have long since lost contact.

Valentina now lives in Bishkek. Her younger grandson studies in a boarding school in Kara Balta, but returns to visit his grandmother for the weekends and holidays. He is entitled to an allowance, of 450 soms, but this is not enough to meet all the expenses with regard to his upkeep. The older grandson was compelled to leave his studies in a technical school because of the family’s disastrous financial position. As a result the school administration has threatened him with expulsion if he does not return by October, 1.

Valentina and one of teenagers have problems with health, however means for appropriate treatment are not present. The family lives under a canopy (a suspended roof, like a “car port”) in a space measuring about 12 sq. meters. With the approach of cold winter weather it will become impractical for them to stay there.

There is a need for everything, from food to clothes and medicines. But the most important is to find suitable habitation, especially before the cold winter sets in.

For rendering assistance to this family, contact the Public Association "OZIV", (Director El'vira Eduardovna Zolotareva), telephone: + (0) 312 335703.