PA “Children of the Tien Shan”


Full Name: Public Association "Children of the Tien Shan"

Contact Details
: Ozernaya Street, 299, Balykchy, Issyk Kul Oblast. Tel.: +996 (3944) 40800 (Resource Centre).

Michurin Street, 3, Balykchy. Tel.:  +996 (3944) 41049 (Rehabilitation Centre)

Historical background
: A few years ago, on the streets of the city of Balykchy, there was an increase in the number of street children. In addition to being undernourished and suffering various kinds of illness, such a lifestyle could severely damage the psyche of children and adolescents. "Children of the Tien-Shan" was established to deal with this problem.

Brief Description of Activities
: "Children of the Tien-Shan" works with orphans and those who have parents but have been deprived of their parental rights. The organization consists of a resource center and a rehabilitation center for children. The rehabilitation centre can cater for up to 10 children. They are provided with accommodation, food, training with teachers (including psychologists), where necessary provide treatment and the prevention of diseases. In addition, sometimes the staff of the public association has to recover documents for their charges. There has been co-operation with public authorities – for example, the police and the local Department of Social Protection.

The Association maintains a database of children. It works on the placing children in foster families and is involved in the promotion of matters relating to adoption and guardianship.

At the present time, there are 4 children accommodated in the rehabilitation centre. On average, during the course of a year 25-30 children pass through the centre.

Additional Information
: OO "Children of the Tien-Shan" also organizes thematic seminars for low-income families – for example, on basic first aid or business planning. Seminars are held on the 15th of each month.

Also in August of this year, a fundraising campaign was held in the resort area of Lake Issyk Kul. Resorts on the coast were sent so called certificates of thanks, and at some shops mugs were installed in order to collect money.

As a result, about 28000 som was collected during the month. The money was aimed at helping children from low-income families in Balykchy and 52 children received sets of stationery.

Current needs
: The rehabilitation centre is in need of firewood and coal, (the heating season requires approximately 10 tons). A major overhaul in the bath, which is located on the territory of the Centre, is needed.