The Celestial Mountains Companies receive a large number of requests for help, sponsorship, from a number of charities and other organizations. For example, in 2008 we have received over 25 requests and have supported, amongst others: The Bishkek International Women’s Club; Karakol Orphanage; Karakol Microcredit scheme; Music Schools (No 9, No 5); Pensioners’ and Veterans’ Associations; The Kyrgyz Table Tennis Association and many others. 

Sometimes the requests that we receive are for specific projects, (such as repairing a heating system), but on other occasions it is a general appeal. Most of the requests are from worthy causes and it is always difficult to decide which projects to support, and to what extent. 

In order to complete their proposed projects, many organizations need to seek additional support from other sponsors. Sometimes, this proves to be a problem as they do not always have a way of presenting information about themselves apart from in the letter requesting assistance and one of the ways in which we feel that we can help is to provide a platform where they can do this. Read the Rules about placing information on the website GK.KG (a .pdf file, 33,7 Kb). 

The Celestial Mountains companies are not associated with any of the “good causes” featured on the site, other than by sponsoring and administering the site. The Celestial Mountains companies will establish a commission to consider which “good causes” to feature and revue proposed materials for the site; provide the initial web design, registration, arrange hosting and one of our staff will administer the site. The Celestial Mountains will not accept donations, represent or enter into correspondence on behalf of, or about details of, specific projects featured on the website.



Appeal of the Embassy of Japan to the Kyrgyz Republic

Financial Support for Senior Citizens

An URGENT REQUEST from the Public Association "OZIV"

A family is in urgent need of a home

A project by Public Association "OZIV"

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Public Foundation "SOS Children Villages Kyrgyzstan"

Helping children deprived of parental care and disadvantaged children

PA “Children of the Tien Shan”

Public Association "Children of the Tien Shan"


We work to support children with special needs and their families

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